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[21 Dec 2004|01:52pm]

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new [25 Nov 2004|11:20pm]

hey im new here. i live in a small ass town so we dont hear about heaps of non popular bands.
but about 4 months ago i got told about factory 81 and another band called linea 77. i straight
away downloaded a factory 81 song 'insane in the brain' and loved it so i downloaded
'peace officer' and loved that. so i ordered the cd in at the local cd shop.
once it came to me i almost creamed me pants over how wicked the mankind cd is.
i dont know sweet fuck all about them really. but do they have any other cds?
any help would be nice!!
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[07 Oct 2004|10:39pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

anyone know where i can find the lyrics to ssbb

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[19 Mar 2004|09:54am]

hey guys.. im new. ive been a factory 81 fan for about 6 months.. i got their newest cd back in june.. i dont know much about them but i love the cd. bye.. feel free to add me if u want :o)
rock on
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[28 Feb 2004|05:15pm]

f81 is putting there unreleased cd up on there site 2 songs at a time every week.....D/L...now a word from our sponsors and philio piety....there sweet shit

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hey look a new member [25 Feb 2004|03:22pm]

I heard there was a new member. Hey, it's me. Sup, figured i would let all you guys know i joined. Factory 81 kicks some serious ass.
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Factory 81!!! [28 Jan 2004|12:17pm]

Signed Factory 81 Tour Poster!!
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goodbye to factory 81 [28 Dec 2003|07:38pm]

[ mood | gloomy ]

this really sucks...
i will miss seeing factory live for sure

say good bye to one of the coolest bands ever

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[06 Oct 2003|01:12am]

hey...does anybody know andys screen name? i used to talk to him all the time, i was just wondering. thanks.

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[01 Oct 2003|10:07pm]

since a new member just joined. i'll announce that factory 81 has a show october 16th at the emerald theatre in mt. clemens, michigan.
i only know of one other band playing, and that's contra, and they're pretty good.

so, we should all go.
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cha [01 Oct 2003|09:58pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hey...dosent look like ne one posts here but i like factory so i thought i would join ne ways. i like to listen and talk about music and yea thats it. later.

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[30 Jul 2003|12:03am]

[ mood | bored ]

So im jackie from Pa and i just joined. i heard about factory 81 probably about 2 years ago and i liked there shit then but im now just starting to get really into them. i was wondering if someone could tell me a lil more about there shows and if they ever come to pa. thanx later

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[28 Jul 2003|09:56am]

Factory 81 playing friday at the star bar in clinton township w/ auto pilot,facture, vistaway on 8-1

All ages
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[28 Jun 2003|02:31pm]

For more info, please visit http://www.detroitcityprospects.com
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[19 Jun 2003|07:42am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey whats up? I just came across this forum today. I saw Factory 81 at Don Hills in NY just over a month ago, with Unlocal, they kicked ass! was anyone else at that gig?

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[16 Jun 2003|02:30am]
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[04 Jun 2003|02:36am]

this is basically Emotep, reformed into a new band, with same exact members. no distorted guitars, and a lot easier on the guitar effects. i dig.
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[03 Jun 2003|10:38am]

[ mood | awake ]

i met them all once.....i got a autographed poster and andys drum stick when they where at the element awhile ago.


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[08 May 2003|03:13pm]

i just got my pictures back from the factory 81 show at the shelter...if i can talk one of my friends into letting me use there scanner ill post some on here
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[08 May 2003|12:07pm]

yay only 4 days until factory 81 :D
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