Nathan (6s_aint9) wrote in f81,


hey im new here. i live in a small ass town so we dont hear about heaps of non popular bands.
but about 4 months ago i got told about factory 81 and another band called linea 77. i straight
away downloaded a factory 81 song 'insane in the brain' and loved it so i downloaded
'peace officer' and loved that. so i ordered the cd in at the local cd shop.
once it came to me i almost creamed me pants over how wicked the mankind cd is.
i dont know sweet fuck all about them really. but do they have any other cds?
any help would be nice!!
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they are a great band. too bad they are broken up now. they were working on putting a second cd out, but before they did they broke up. is there website now. they were going to post all the new songs but i don't think they did end up posting all of them.
ohhh what dumb asses. as if you would break up. that sucks!!
you should check out Fordirelifesake.
yes they have like 6 other unreleased songs
it made me upset that they broke up, im jsut happy i got to be silly w/ and catch nate drunk. he let me steal his beer, told me about how he was a zen buddhist and a new age christian and stole pizza from the other band mates and even had a spitting competition and wore my was fuckin hilarious. that was the first time i heard hte band too...they were so awesome